The new Royo Fashion Collection bets on products created from the latest technology, having, as a starting point, SUSTAINABILITY 360º in all the resources and processes

26 Julio, 2017

TEJIDOS ROYO continues working intensively and investing resources in its Protocol Conductor of Sustainability 360º and Innovation for the next years. 

The strategy of development of business bets for years for the technological innovation in the industrial processes, the quality in the products and the internationalization of the sales integrating the variable of sustainability in all the processes and decisions. This way, the technological innovation in different  centres and the industrial processes has had, among its priorities, the optimization of the environmental impacts and the efficiency in resources . The approach of new products has implied the development of ecological fibres and the international expansion has meant to give a response to the sustainability  needs of the global customers. 

In our commitment with the society, since 1998 TEJIDOS ROYO collaborates with the JOSÉ & ANA ROYO Foundation to revert on the society a part of its benefits. How? , Collaborating with some non-profit-making organizations like CARITAS, ASINDOWN and with aids for its workers to get a labor conciliation to mothers with 8 years old minor children, scholarships, investing in improving the working conditions as regards to prevention of labor risks etc.

As a result of our philosophy and commitment with the society and environment, our collections continue with this aim and share our DNA which means collections with social responsibility "Fabric with Values"

This collection has been developed in response to the market demand, increasingly demanding in search of differential fabrics with a high added value.

As a novelty, the R & D team has developed two new concepts that complete this wide ROYO FASHION Collection:


Permanent "high depth of color", is a new technology that allows to keep intense and saturated colors after several domestic washes.


Elegant is a new female line equipped with the latest technology.  Clean structures, sober and elegant lines bring life to sophisticated clothing.