AITEX (textile research institute) certifies that Dry Indigo®, gets the requirements to be considered an eco and sustainable technology to Indigo Yarn Dyeing process with Zero Consumption and Discharge of Water. 

27 Marzo, 2019

After 10 years of research and development, in collaboration with Gaston Systems Inc. and Indigo Mill Designs (IMD), TEJIDOS ROYO has managed to modify the process of conventional indigo dyeing, creating a unique dyeing process which dyes indigo without water in a very reduce space, minimizing drastically its environmental impact and obtaining a unique color in the market.

Jose Royo: “This revolutionary process represents the new generation of Denim production and Dry Indigo® is the hallmark of this unique product in the market.”

Dry Indigo® by Tejidos Royo is now a reality. A responsible production, that use the most advanced technology “by and for” sustainable development. Dry Indigo®: 100% less water for Dyeing / 89% less chemicals / 65% reduce energy usage / Zero water discharge. A certified and guaranteed technology under the ECO – TECHNOLOGY certificate by AITEX (textile research institute).


Tejidos Royo is guiding the textile industry towards this new era of sustainability through innovative solutions. “Our goal is to give the market the best product without permanent damaging effects for the future. We develop trend-oriented, innovative and sustainable fabrics. We create FABRIC WITH VALUES and Dry Indigo® is our strongest bet today.”