We have been awarded in the category "Best use of technology for good" thanks to our Dry Indigo® technology

30 Julio, 2020

DRAPERS, a leading magazine in the UK, specialized in fashion business, launches for the first time The Drapers Sustainable Fashion Awards 2020

These awards recognize businesses – big and small – that make a difference, , making impactful decisions, taking innovative steps and shifting their operations to work towards a better, more sustainable fashion industry.


Best Use of Technology for Good. Winner: Tejidos Royo – Dry Indigo

The cleaning of jeans production. Tejidos Royo’s zero-water denim-dyeing technology is slashing pollution in the making of this wardrobe staple.



In the business context in which TEJIDOS ROYO operates, the sustainability factor is a key strategy. Our fundamental pillar is a "textile industry with values". We consider a primary objective, to promote and reinforce the innovation factor in the Sector, as a shuttle to responsible production on an industrial scale, promoting new technologies “for and for” sustainable development. Therefore, among our priorities is the minimization of environmental impacts and resource efficiency.

Dry Indigo® is the sustainable denim revolution. A technology, unique in the world today, capable of dyeing indigo yarn without using water.  Dry Indigo® redesigns a new dyeing process, using foam. Thanks to the foam we use 0% water in the dye, we totally eliminate the discharge of wastewater into the environment, we reduce the use of chemical products by 89% and the energy consumption by 65%. It is the most sustainable Indigo dyeing process in the world

The development of this new technology implies the optimization of the production process as a whole, without diminishing the quality guarantees that we offer to our clients.

Our mission is to guarantee sustainable production, promoting the innovation factor and offering sustainable fabrics and, Dry Indigo® is the proof that this is possible. This  technology, traceable certified and guaranteed under the ECO - TECHNOLOGY by AITEX is a great milestone that we hope inspires both the sector and the brands in the development of processes that contribute to making our industry much more responsible with the environment.


Given the current global emergency situation, the judges had to meet virtually during the closing, rather than in person at Drapers headquarters, and the traditional awards ceremony scheduled in London became a new content-based concept. So Drapers decided to celebrate these awards with "The Changemakers", a unique digital report that reveals the achievements of each of the winning companies, which contribute to reducing the industry's environmental impact and creating fairer working conditions throughout the supply chain. A roadmap to a more sustainable fashion industry


"This is the result of a strong environment commitment and great team work. We are very proud for being part of the change towards a more sustainable textile industry"