TEJIDOS ROYO presents the new Capsule HOLIDAY,  party-atmosphere inspired fabric capsule including three trends which radiate life and energy: Rebel Goth - All That Glitters - Twilight Hour. 

30 Mayo, 2017

High-shine fabrics, special finishings (coated and laminated) and modern metallic effects become a dark opulence of grunge undertones and velvet touches.

As the night gets calm, rebel leather looks, animal-prints, and wild and vibrant vinyls give place to the crepuscular hour...

New fabrics capsule inspired by three trends:


The "punk" influence evolves into the direction of "Rebel Goth" styling. Silhouettes with black and red vinyls become predominant and acquire special prominence combined with all time "animal - prints".

This inspiration gains force in the younger markets, a trend revolving around risky, modern rebellious but feminine attitudes.



"80´s Glam" influenced collection, with an upgraded Chic taste. All that Glitters, blends Glamour & Disco styles, where soft folds add structure and interest to the trend.

Predominant fabrics with glitter finishings , modern metallic and liquid gold, as well as bright camouflage and cashmere prints. All that glitters invites you to wear impact looks, sophisticated and seductive both day and night.





The suit gains impulse on the market across a variety of forms and silhouettes. The fabrics are led by diplomatic stripe and velvet hand, a lastest trend for this season. This trend showcases more formal suit type silhouettes mixed with restwear inspired looks (pijama trend).

It gives priority to the black color referring at the " Crepuscular Hour " that gives name to this inspiration.

*For more information or sampling, please contact us through our agents or in: info@tejidosroyo.com


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