The value of the everyday, in the "eco" code. Sustainable denim is the central axis of this new proposal by Spanish designer Moises Nieto.

12 Abril, 2021



INSPIRATION by MOISES NIETO. The value of the everyday, in an "eco" key.

Life in the countryside, rural life and society in Spain in the 1950s. The search for progress, the need for evolution and the fear of the new. This is the inspiration for Moisés Nieto's new creation.

"Everyday life is something that is always present in my collections. Talking about the rural, about craftsmanship, takes me directly to my homeland - Andalusia".

Moises - one of the most outstanding designers on the current Spanish fashion scene - recreates everyday life in a subtle and sincere way in this collection. A reversion to the minimalist roots that the brand progressively achieves.


THE COLLECTION. Autumn / Winter 2021-22

Thus is born the warmest and most expressive collection of the creative, as a succession of garments with marked characteristics in terms of sustainability and ethical commitment to the environment and the environment.
The result is a hierarchy of layered garments, achieving 24 truly contemporary and utilitarian looks, oversized but with a perfect fit.

In the middle layers of these looks, we find post-war inspired tailoring and workwear, such as disproportionate blazers without shoulder pads or pleated skirts (a reference in Moisés' collections) among others. It is here where we can see all the garments made with Tejidos Royo's sustainable denim fabric, which is the central axis of the designer's latest proposal.


Around 80% of Moises Nieto's OI 21/22 collection is made with TEJIDOS ROYO fabrics. We highlight the SUSTAINABLE DENIM as one of the main fabrics that Moises Nieto has chosen for his collection.





This Denim fabric, selected by Moises Nieto for his new collection, is a unique fabric.

In addition to being a recycled denim fabric, its yarn is dyed without using water thanks to our evolved foam dyeing technology, which means ZERO waste water discharged into the environment. With this we manage to drastically minimise its impact on the planet. This is what makes it unique.

Moises nieto sais: "I don't understand design without innovation, that's why I try to take small steps to make my brand more and more sustainable. For this reason, on this occasion we have worked with TEJIDOS ROYO. Their pioneering technology for dyeing DENIM WITHOUT WATER is a milestone in terms of textiles. For me, it is the best innovation that has been made so far".


The designer, completes the collection with a base of cotton shirts and soapy fabrics in earthy and evocative tones. Between the layers, we find mohair jumpers that draw on the classic eights jumper in military colours and dirty pink. In addition to sweaters in cotton and technical fabrics rescued from other collections that make the concept of upcycling appear once again.
On top of all these garments, there are some excellent outer garments. The accessories play with texture and graphic elements that Moisés has rescued from old tapestries. A way of giving a new lease of life to elements found in any Castilian home.



Moises nieto: "It is not easy to give shape to a collection at a time when we are suffering a global pandemic, which makes it all the more special. It is necessary to move forward and evolve to enrich Spanish fashion".

The result is simply amazing!

We are proud to have collaborated with designer Moisés NIeto for this collection.













Moisés Nieto is a women's fashion brand founded in 2011 by the designer who gives his name to the firm. Graduated from the Istituto Europeo di Design in 2010 his Thesis became his first collection.
It is defined by its fusion of craftsmanship and attention to detail. Inspiration drawn from national art and youth culture is combined with an emphasis on tailoring and the use of 100% made in Spain raw materials.

Moisés Nieto has played an important role in the revitalisation of Spanish fashion. Awarded the "My Own Show" Vogue Italia prize in 2011 and curated by the Valentino Group. The brand begins the path towards the creation and production of its collections and after winning the L'oreal Paris award for the best EGO collection in 2012, Moisés establishes himself as one of the talents in Spanish fashion.
He actively collaborates with other brands such as Pandora Joyas on its 30th Anniversary, Eastpak Artist Studio, eBay, H&M and El Corte Ingles among others.

Moisés Nieto opens international market in 2014 and starts selling his clothes in one of the biggest concept stores in Japan. His clothes can be found in Opening Ceremony Tokyo and Osaka. In 2016 he made a collaboration with Ecoembes using 100% recycled fabrics. This same year he is the winner of Whos on Next Vogue Spain and is awarded the National Fashion Award.




TEJIDOS ROYO always bets for INNOVATION and SUSTAINABILITY 360º "Our aim is to provide the market with the best product without permanent harmful effects for the future".


After more than 10 years of research, thanks to the know-how of the R&D&I team, and in collaboration with Gastón Systems Inc. and Indigo Mill Designs (IMD), the Spanish company TEJIDOS ROYO has managed to develop a technology that is unique in the world, capable of transforming the conventional Indigo dyeing process, eliminating the essential raw material until today: water.

This pioneering process, which they have called Dry Indigo®, designs a new indigo yarn dyeing process, using foam for the application. It achieves 100% elimination of water use and, more importantly, ZERO WASTEWATER, which drastically minimises its impact on the environment. It also reduces energy use by 65% and 89% less chemicals.

Following the development and launch of Dry Indigo® - TEJIDOS ROYO decided to go one step further by adapting the revolutionary foam dyeing technology to Black Denim. "We have been able to dye sulphur black WITHOUT WATER, controlling sulphur, intensity and colour fastness, and most importantly, there is no need to clean up the water after dyeing, as there is no conductivity at all and no spillage into the environment". Dry Black® eliminates water in the process (99% less water), 0% waste water discharge into the environment, 52% less chemicals and 72% less energy use.
This technology is a real revolution. A MILESTONE IN THE TEXTILE INDUSTRY. Dry Indigo® and Dry Black® by Tejidos Royo, represent the new generation of Denim production. A responsible manufacturing process, through the most advanced technology, by and for sustainable development > AUDITED and certified by AITEX (textile research institute) under the ECO - TECHNOLOGY certificate.

Jose Royo: "at Tejidos Royo we are very aware of the impact we have on the environment and in recent years we have wanted to make our fervent commitment clear. We believe that the actors of each industry have a leading role in the creation of a new scenario for change. That is why we decided to invest years of work in the development of this foam dyeing technology. Dry Indigo® and Dry Black undoubtedly open a fantastic path for the entire textile industry towards sustainability and responsible and conscious DENIM production.