TEJIDOS ROYO, who is always at the forefront of trends and innovation, while taking care of every last detail and the development of new fabrics, presents its new Spring/Summer 2018 Suave Capsule. This collection offers themes and remote influences that mark today’s trend.

1 Dic, 2016

Royo Fashion presents the new Spring / Summer Suave Capsule 2018. A collection that offers a wide range of Casual fabrics, designed to create dresses, shirts, jackets and pants. The capsule is developed with TENCEL® fibre, providing the clothing a very soft touch and volume. Denim also endows this collection with colour versitality, from Baby Blue to black, to indigo blue.

100% TENCEL® products and new linen blends, (noble and ecological fabric that adds elegance and comfort to the clothing) lead this season.

Suave SS18 Capsule is inspired by three trends that emerged in the summer of 2018, offering themes and remote influences that mark today’s trend: 

MARINE SOUL: Sailor-style minimalistic trend influenced by the spirit of the first explorers. Nautical theme recreating clothing inspired by boat sails and sailor knots with subtle and elegant lines. 

ADVENTURE DREAM: Romantic trend inspired by pioneering women who came to remote places and conquered their own freedom.

Nautical themes with historical details. Bulky sleeves, ruffles, shapes and intricate flora and fauna embroidery.

WILD LIFE: Wild, vibrant and refreshing…a tropical nature that gives this trend prominence.  The ruffles evolve towards a Latin-inspired style with tropical prints and lush summer colours.





Peter Drucker