As part of its DNA, Tejidos Royo has always mantained a total commitment to the Sustainability and Protection of Human Rights throughout the whole Value Chain. Following this philosophy, Tejidos Royo takes the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as its own as the best path to sustainability

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This initiative is committed to sustainable cotton production, based on three key pillars; Environment, Social and Economic. BCI is obtained under controlled prices, having direct contact with the farmers by avoiding intermediaries, and by providing decent work conditions in the producing countries.


Textile Exchange provides the knowledge and tools this industry needs to make significant improvements in three core areas: Fiber and Materials, Integrity and Standards, and Supply Chain.


A call to companies to align strategies and operations with universal principles on human rights, labour, environment an anticorruption, and take actions that advance societal goals.


The OEKO-TEX® label indicates the additional benefits of tested safety for skin-friendly clothing and other textiles to interested end users. The test label therefore provides an important decision-making tool for purchasing textiles and provides manufacturers in the textile and clothing industry with a uniform benchmark on a scientific basis for the evaluation of potentially harmful substances in textiles.


Certificate that guarantees a minimum% of raw material based on the criteria of biological cultivation. The articles that have obtained this recognition in TEJIDOS ROYO, contain more than 50% of organic cotton in its final composition.


Permanent implementation of environmentally friendly production processes, optimum health and safety and socially acceptable working conditions. The dynamic further development of the STeP standard and the benchmarks allows certified companies to continuously improve their environmental protection achievements and their social responsibility as well as their efficiency.


Certification which guarantees the traceability of products containing more than 20% of recycled material in the final composition of the article.


The Code of Conduct that contemplates the BSCI criteria, defines the values and principles for a responsible business practice in the supply chain and for TEJIDOS ROYO represents its public commitment promoting a responsible business activity.


key performance


All the plant-floor systems are designed for maximum efficiency.

Thermal consumption: % saving (2009-2016)

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In the last seven years we have reduced by 25% our thermal consumption in all our processes.

In the area of finishes, the company invested in cogeneration facilities mainly aimed at primary energy saving.

Finishes (Cogeneration Facility 2012);
Primary Energy Savings kWh / year

We have reduced primary energy in all our processes.

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Electricity consumption: % saving (2009-2016) (electricity)

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In the last 7 years we have reduced by 15% our electricity consumption in all our processes.

Thanks to the sustainability strategy implemented in the last seven years, TEJIDOS ROYO has achieved a remarkable reduction in CO2 emissions. An example is the use of high temperature emissions to heat water.

CO2 Emissions: % saving 2009-2016

We have reduced CO2 emissions in all our processes in the last seven years.

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The installation of a modern heat and electricity generation plant guarantees future energy savings - 12,036,864 kWh - and emissions of co2 -453,000 kg -.

In addition to the above, a heat exchanger for waste gas in the dyeing process ensures a reduction of gas consumption by 15%.

In line with our corporate social responsibility, at TEJIDOS ROYO we are carrying out middle to long term investments in health and work safety areas, in addition to training and professional development.

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ORGANIC COTTON currently represents 94% of the total production of our ROYO DENIM VALLEY line

All our denim products are developed through environmental friendly processes.
(Enviromental Impact Measurement tool)

C02 emissions: % saving 2009-2015

RECYCLED COTTON currently represents 40.6 % of the total production of our ROYO DENIM VALLEY line

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Recycled cotton advantages:

Production of one ton of recycled cotton yarn compared to conventional cotton yarn presents the following advantages:

1. Saving 4,817.6 litres of water.

2. Saving 16.5 kg of chemical products.

3. 233.8 kg of co2 are no longer emitted in the atmosphere.

4. Energy saving of 512.5 kWh.

5. Savings in 1990, 1m2 of cultivated cotton area per ton of yarn that can be used for other crops.



Employees of our Company count with the collaboration of the Jose & Ana Royo Foundation, which contributes to a greater development of Social Projects and to the environment of our Company
Since 1998, The Jose & Ana Royo Foundation has acquired a commitment with Society, collaborating in Projects which contribute to economic development and quality of life of our society.
Some of them are intended for people within the Company, who meet the requirements of the Foundation's bylaws.

The Jose & Ana Royo Foundation distributes its resources according to the following projects:

* The Jose & Ana Royo Foundation collaborates with Caritas, The Association Against Cancer and Asindown (Valencia).