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Over 100 years researching, developing and manufacturing our products in Spain. We are a vertical company that covers the entire value chain in the development of fabrics. Our production follows a strict control process in both of our production plants located in Valencia (Spain).

At TEJIDOS ROYO we have modern industrial equipment at the service of a professional management team with great expertise and training, which allows us to develop a sophisticated productive and commercial process.

We have the necessary machinery to carry out the spinning process, as a differentiating element of our articles. The basis of a good fabric is to have a good regularity in the yarn. We acquire versatility in the process by adapting our technological capacity to the demand of our customers. Mainly we work with cotton, lyocell polyester and with the core-spun system; inserting the elastic in the core of our thread and in turn, we give life to our fabrics.
yarn dye
The correct control of the chemical reactions in our processes give us an outstanding accuracy and reproducibility in the Sector. Without forgetting our origins, we are motivated by innovation and put into practice revolutionary technologies in all our processes with sulphurous dyes, indigo and pigments.
The cutting edge technology is present in our weaving romos and in combination with meticulous planning, we obtain a high performance in the quality of our fabrics. We believe in investing in technology, obtaining this way a recirculable reconversion.
A good fabric finishing sets the trend, adds value to the article and always offers original senses. In Tejidos Royo any opportunity for improvement has a good objevtive; to increase the comfort (three-layered fabrics), to provide safety to the user (flame retardant fabrics), latesttt trend resins and coatings (stamping with pigments), and many more which are still in the Kitchen! In addition expanding our applications, we carry out the stamping of our articles with scrapers and cylinders, to give thus unequaled aspects.